USB Flash Drive

Gave a quick render to the first thing that caught my eye on my PC table. . . Wanna hear opinions, how does it look. . .

Looks good , I guess
Not sure how much is it possible to comment on the rendered Flash Drive?!

Take care

My comment would be that the table reflections from the one in the upper left look a little over-sharp, given the distance from the USB drive to the table. The reflections in the lower right look far more realistic. As a still-life study it looks great. (And I wish my table were that clean.)


Well i was making a jungle scene, with my scar L (if u’ve seen it) in a main role, but when i added some particles and it started to look more like a jungle all of a sudden my pc started to crash blender, cs it started to run out of RAM memo, so there i was sitting in front of screen with the shit up in my throat and blood in my eyes, cs almost 2 days of work was flushed in the toilet, i had that feeling when u really want to render something, so rendered the first thing i saw, looks pretty realistic though, i think at least . . .


TNX. ill take a look at that one, but unlike the other drives, that one is standing, so its supposed to have that kind of reflection, but ill give it a twist, to look at it from different angles . . .

Splendid, well done.

I think you made a very photorealistic render… curious as to what is making the blender logo kind of disappear in some of the drives… unless you were going for a “well used” look on a couple of the drives.

it’s dark reflection

nice scene, well lit, only the material logo could use some mix of diffuse to avoid going totally black with such background