USB inspired assault rifle

Hello everyone!

I’ve been very busy with a web project recently, I had to make so much low-poly stuff…

But now it’s over so… to celebrate, I thought I’d do something with, oh joy, all the polygons i waaant! polygon crowd yaying

Well enough silliness, this is an assault rifle inspired from the design of a USB key I own, a Kingston USB key to be exact.

Not much more to say.

Here is a big render:

And these are just quick renders:

thank you for reading, and watching, and as always, please comment, feedback, share ideas and all that :slight_smile:


inspired from the design of a USB key I own

Quite unusual…, made me smile :slight_smile:
Could have added some dirt/scratches also on the optics, but it’s looking good even like this.

thanks ^^ you never know where an idea comes from I guess!

You’re right, the optics look way cleaner, maybe I’ll fix that in the future. I actually find scratched / grunge platic way harder to do that metal or wood.

The USB key: