uscript unity

Has anyone heard of the uscript for unity?It makes regular programming easy.It is visual programming.I think it would be nice to have something like that in the blender game engine.Maybe sjoerd could look into it’s source.He’s making the Hive system for the blender game engine.

have you heard about logic bricks? they make regular programming easy. It is visual programing!, and you know what?:smiley: they ARE already in the bge! :smiley:
… Hurray!!

(sry if this sounded sarcastic)

but I thing that logic bricks really are just that, a way to program whit-out knowing anything about programing? :slight_smile:

i found this , is updated ?

bricks is surely visual code , but very limitate.
froma a brick to another just pass one bolean (or 0/1 ), cannot pass a object, a list, or even simply one string.
plus is “broken” in 3 pieces (SCA) …

at the end bricks can solve very few…

The Hive is this exact same branching logic system,

it’s a little tricky to understand at this point, but that could be the way I installed it,

I am using it’s external editor and even that is silly complex,

It needs “userified” but then its power is already amazing,

Python and C based Nodes can be made, and python wrapped C hunks :smiley:

Or at least thats the way I read it,

anyone get a chance to extended tinker with the hive?

sure , also the brick that there now have a aspect much more clean than ond version(2.49 and before)

PS: i wait a version of Hive that run with 2 click ,i’m allergic to install strange things :slight_smile: