Is 54 usd 54.00 american dollers ? it seems allot for 7 Mandrake cds.

yes it is

USD= United State Dollars
NZD= New Zealand Dollars
AUD=Australian Dollars
CAN= Canadian Dollars (i think its CAN made its CAD)

blah blah blah


well, 7 cds isn’t bad for 54 bucks, if it’s actually a good linux skin thingy…

Most new games are 50 usd, so it’s a pretty good deal.

good deal ??? I thought Mandork was suppose to be free, I could understand covering the CD and shipping cost but where did all the rest came from ?

This is why people say: “free as in speech, not as in beer”.

Are there two words in English to differenciate this? we have it in Spanish, libre and gratis.

That probaly includes the commerical ware cd, I hope Mandrake will get off this path.

The disks also include tech support, I believe. You won’t get that from a free download version.

I know that here in the UK i have found sites selling Mandrake for just the price of the CD’s. Its just the free download edition, but its great all the same.

Also if you are in the UK, i would be able to sell and send you the 3 free CD’s i downloaded.

Honestly i dont think you need all the others, the 3 have all the Programs and the GUI’s. Also i think the 3rd is the sources of some of them, but im not sure.

It’s free to download, so if you want to burn them yourself and NOT be encouraging a free software company, go ahead.


you should know…you live in the US as far as i can remember… :-?

A few things that should make this disscussion more clear:

  • Linux is licensed under the GNU GPL (GNU General Public License) - as well as Blender.

  • GNU GPL is a license considered as “free software”, this means that you are FREE to redistribute it, FREE to modify it, and FREE to redistribute modified versions. When (re) distributing “free software” you MUST always make the sources availibe somehow.

  • GNU GPL software may be sold! But if someone buys the software, he is FREE to redistribute it GRATIS (and FREE). Thus is a software is “free”, it is always availible GRATIS somewhere on the internet…

For example it may be possible that the Free Blender Foundations sells a CD with Blender on it, but it will still be FREE software and GRATIS to download.

In our context, FREE means feedom. The problem is that many software compagnies say they give away free software, but you haven’t any freedom using it, the only free thing is the price… But money doesn’t make you free at all (exept when corruption exists, lol)!


Stupid english language for using the same term for both use.


USD is the ISO standard currency code for US dollars (like EUR, GBP etc)…

It’s just the version computers understand really…

Mandrake is a company like any other, not a non-profit. They make their money selling mandrake linux and related products and also by providing support. You don’t need to buy the cd, but they aren’t doing anything wrong by trying to profit. They also support development that both improves mandrake and improves the open source software it is developed in, so I’d say its a symbiotic relationship.
Buying Mandrake buys you support from them, so whether its a good deal depends on whether you need that support.

most distros including "pink tie " which IS redhat without support. They have mandrake for $11 USD

If you cn afford full distro price then you are much better off helping the penguin community

Exactly how I feel %| Well I order the CD without the box and books but it doesn’t include support at least that’s what I think I read, but considering it’s a power addiction and the ease of use of installing the OS as well as the time it takes to download with a 56k modem might be worth, hopefully the price they are offering will be enough to help increase there development. By the way, Lindows is a Linux OS is there source available for download ?

Give the guy a break. People in the US rarely see the term USD, we just call them dollars.

I would bet that you don’t know your own phone# in international format. You wouldn’t travel to China and then ask for “Chinese Food,” it’s just food! And Brazil nuts are just nuts when your in Brazil.

Sorry, I just thought the post had gone off topic, the question was about currency, not software licencing or the true meaning of freedom.

actially, no I don’t know my international area code, its just that 54 bucks seems so high that it makes me wonder if its really is USD, I know about pounds which is a little higher then USD.

049 0711 4800***

HA! Now I just have to dial those 1000 numbers until I find the one that’s yours, and then I can prank call you for a low low international rate…

Just kidding. I’m creepy, but not that creepy.