use a list of empties to do a draw call into, the bge?

is there any way to use VBO in the game engine using script?

for instance, ha ha… if my game is 100 pieces used over and over to make the whole game.

I found this,
but have almost no idea how to code OpenGL.

It has to be implemented in the engine in C++. Note, VBO and instancing are not magic bullets for all your problems.

I know, but I am building a game using a level building kit,

so I am using the same geometry over and over.

its not a magic bullet but it will my game run faster correct?

what if a level is the same 30 meshes 1000 times?

10,000 times?

Also, pretty much my only systems left to go is a weapon firing component.

the devs fixed some of the bugs I was facing, and I recoded everything…

I use very little resources, to control vehicles, actors, and drone actors.

I have a modular assembly system working,

Modular Ai, assembled from pieces…

I have a modular weapon system…

my main issue is what level of fidelity can I achieve for the least effort.

mega man legends 2 comes to mind…