Use a single path to control yaw, pitch and roll.

I was working on a short animation of a hang glider and finding it impossible to control the yaw, pitch, and roll of the glider using only a single path. Once I figured it out, I decided to write the following tutorial (my first). Here it is. If that doesn’t work, click here, and sorry about the wait.

Hey, can you repost this.

I get a 404 error when I click on the links.

Both links don’t work for me, but it sounds like an interesting idea for a tutorial.

Links don’t work for me either, but I’m interested in the subject for a fighter jet animation I want to make.

link not working for me tooo!!! :frowning:

try this
EDIT: sorry I thought that worked

Oops. Sorry you guys. I’m kinda busy right now. I’ll upload it to a more stable page once I get a chance.