Use an Xbox 360 controller for the BGE

I keep hearing around the web that if you plug an xbox 360 controller into your computer then windows should automatically register it. I thought it would be really sweet if I could use it for games and more importantly the BGE, but I have no idea if I’m supposed to have some kind of script (which is what I thought ) for Blender to pick it up, and for some reason when I plugged the controller in it said it was looking for the driver software but didn’t find anything. ( maybe is because it’s not an official controller?)(The controller i have is an : Afterglow AX.1; could the controller type be the problem?) Help is appreciated.

You need to install a driver.
Video how to install the driver
Dirver download side
For digital movement you can use the joystick sensor. But if you want analog movement you need a Python script.
analogJoystick2_53.blend (384 KB)
analogJoystick.blend (255 KB)

THanks, thats a real help, i was almost going crazy trying to figure it out.

I’ve done some reading through all the threads on this topic, and can’t see where it has been resolved, but I did some research, and discovered a way to use the Xbox Controller for the BGE. First go to, and get the controller driver. Then Download the Joy2Key program. You can use it to map the controller to your keyboard. Then just set the BGE Game logic to the keys you want to use.

Hope this helps everyone.


cool! i have to check it out! ta! never thought of that!.