Use another Core (CPU)

Does any one know how to make Blender utilize another core from the CPU?

Firstly - wrong place to as, ask in Game Engine Support and Discussions.
Secondly - I don’t know if Blender already doesn’t do it.
Thirdly - if it doesn’t do it, I am pretty sure it is not possible to do it yet. I hope that it is not using it yet and will use in some of next releases, because it will mean it will have higher physics and logic CAP. Also, I’d like it to read cores automaticly - that’s what it normally shall do…

Alright and sorry I don’t know how the sirte works I don’t come here too often.

As a user, you can’t.

Blender already uses multithreaded code for vertex animation and skinning. [ref]

Python 3 is inherently a single-threaded sandbox. You can spawn multiple thread, but they will still be executed sequentially. [ref]

You can use multiprocessing to leverage another core for pure-python tasks. This isn’t a great benefit for most users because Python logic isn’t the bottleneck.

yeah, I have a very complex system, running multipe AI doing raycasts and pathfinding,

I am using .7 ms logic

rasterizer and gpu latency are the hungriest parts of the bge