Use baking to merge UV slices together?

I’m having difficulty creating the texture for my 3D female model. Particularly the part were i’m merging the different veiws together. Then i thought about a trick, what if i uv-unwrapped just slices of my model, that slice/portion being mapped to it’s own image? For example, the front of the knee-cap would be mapped to one image, and then the back of the knee cap would be mapped to a different image.

Is there something i can do in blender so that when i’m done creating this “collage” it’d generate a complete image/collage of just the parts i’ve used? [ie, stitching the parts together for me.] Would baking accomplish this?

Yes, you can give your object multiple UV unwraps, and then set the active layer, and the clone layer. Then you can paint from the clone layer to the active layer. I made a mini tut on it, which is somewhere in the blender tests subforum, entitled ‘seamless UV painting’ or something like that.

The difference between what your tut does and what i was planning on doing is that your original UV texture is just one image for the whole model. I want to use many many files, and have the portions used across all of them merged in the baked image.

But—it wouldn’t be that much work to collect the parts i want into one huge image, and work with that.

I’ll have to experiment, since i want blender to stretch the images for me too, so i might run into stretch issues. [like the front kneecap image is on one side of the image, and the side portion is on the other side, so the interim faces are either stretched, or something else.] Although i could simply have the slices that i have be enclosed by seams, and when i go to bake, re-create the seams conservatively. Mess of seams=control–>conservative uv seam layout.

Will experiment.

Thanks for the trick! Am eager to post my model, but it doesn’t look nearly as good without a texture.

have a look at the projection paint video that is in with the release notes for 2.49 ( or maybe it was 2.48, I forgot ).