Use Blender to ake pose slider in Make Human

Trying to create sliders in Make Human to change pose in basic model. Used video by VscorpianC but refers to much older version of Blender. I have Blender 3.0. Any information would be helpful.

As far as I can tell there is nothing in the video that would interfere with using 3.0 instead of 2.79 to create the pose you want, just the interface has changed but the procedure would still be the same, you would have to just find the various things in 3.0 as referenced in the video.
I can’t check it Make Human as I don’t use it, but I doubt things have changed very much…

I moved your post to Support / Other software to get more responses, from those that use MakeHuman

Good day. Thanks for your reply RSEhlers. The video was made in 2015 and looks to be blender version 2.73. The interface is very different and with my lack of knowledge of Blender I am reseraching how to find the various tools in 3.0. Appreciate your help and will keep researching.

When you get in a bind on the blender side, just drop me a PM and I’ll help point you in the right direction…
I would recommend watching the Blender 101 videos…

Thanks RSEhlers. I will go over these videos. Thanks for the help.