Use Bright/Contrast Node in Rendered Viewport

hey guys,

is it possible to use nodes inside of blenders viewport without always having to save it as an image file?
i’d like to tweak materials/lighting along with Contrast & other Settings without always having to render it out first.

cheers chris

In the Color Management tab, in the Render properties panel, you can adjust curves like in Photoshop. Make it in a S shape to add more contrast. Lift the whole curve to make it brighter.

thanks chafouin,

i tried that but it behaves completely different than photoshop it seems.
i am not able to darken the dark areas while brightening the bright ones.
i can make it all brighter or all darker no matter how the curve looks
even if i make it extreme it doesn’t work


hm, okay … it kind of works if i lower the gamma and then make the curve like this:


still … if there is a way to use compositing nodes for the rendered viewport please let me know :slight_smile:

It is different from Photoshop also because it is not clamped to a 0 to 1 range. You can place points above 1.

Have you tried the different contrast LUTs and the exposure slider otherwise? Another way would be to create your own OCIO LUT profiles. That’s far from being convenient…

Unfortunately it is not possible to use compositing nodes in the viewport. At least for now. I know that there are plans to have post process materials for EEVEE in the future.

ah, true.
i played with the “look” settings ealier but now combined with a higher gamma i can get a similar result as in PS.
thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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