Use collision detection with emitted Particle objects ???

Anybody has an idea in Blender 2.5 how you could make maize kernels which fall of a cob to stack on a ground plane which has collision detection turned on?

Now I only have to find a way how I could make all the kernels be solid and accumulate on the ground plane. I looked into stiff soft-bodies but this is not doing anything.

I don’t think you can, you could try fluids particles > viscoelastic or just animate up a fake ground
I would go with game engine… btw this would be so easy to do with the ‘lost’ Aligorith’s GSOC 2010

if you can’t fake it and want to go BGE way here’s a little example I just did
you’ll get a lot of keys when baked, so first think if you really need it

edit: changed physics settings… see script in file how to change them for all your objects
edit: updated file again, just having some extra fun

It seems to be quite an essencial and logical addition to the physics.
Broids has a collision detection - why not the normal particles as well.

To bad

I will look into your file - thanks you for uploading it.