Use different action on proxy in different scene

In 2.7* I am able to have the same linked object in different scenes, who’s proxies are driven by different actions. In 2.8* this ability is no longer exhibited.

I am very familiar with the fact that linked objects cannot have multiple instances with separate animation within the same scene. So, I was actually surprised when I saw that I could control a character in different scenes with different actions.

I’m just wondering if this missing feature is a bug or is there a different workflow in 2.8* to achieve the same result?

Kind regards.

I’m also having trouble with this. I have a character in multiple different scenes and cannot find a way to be able to swap into a different scene and the animation for that scene plays. Instead I have to swap screen, then take the extra step of finding all the animated objects and swapping their animations with one of the many hundreds that populate the action list. Is this all this is? perhaps we should say something on right click select about it?