Use gaming mouse with blender?

Someone try to use a gaming mouse to use not only with blender, with any program?

Can you use this type of hardware with common progrmans or is difficult to use?

or Can anyone recomend me a good mouse, an ergonomic mouse or any good mouse that you can use and doesn’t hurt your wirst.

I use the Razer Lachesis Its worked very well in blender. Iv’e done a lot of hand painting with photo shop and gimp. Its very smooth, took a little to get used to but overall great mouse.

I don´t really understand your question. A gamer mouse is nothing you need a drivers license for… if you can handle an office mouse, gamer mice are the same… they just usually have better haptic, sensors and gimmicks like interchangeable sliders or weights and fancy drivers for macroing stuff :wink:

Anyways, I got a Wacom 4D mouse, a RAT7, Razer Deathadder and a Microsoft X8 here.

I use the RAT7 for everyday. It´s a pure gamer mouse, but I like the haptic and that you can adjust it to fit your hand, you can change DPI on the fly and it has a precision mode button, similar to holding shift while grabbing in blender. It fits like a glove and hase a solid metal frame. Great mouse.

The X8 was a stupid buy, it felt nice in the shop, but after an hour of work I noticed it´s too high for my hand, and I can´t properly reach the thumb buttons with my thumb. On top of that it´s meant to be held with index and ringfiger on LMB and RMB. I am from a generation where there was no middle mousebutton, I hold my mice with index and middlefinger on LBM and RMB and and use the index for MMB. The precision and feel is top of the crop though.

The Deathadder was my favourite for a long time, it´s the most comfy mouse I ever had and like the RAT7 it hast this smooth covering. Also the handling and haptic is awesome, but I needed 3 of em, usually the LMB stopped to work and soon enough baths of WD40 didn´t help anymore either. Another great feature is the “movement correction”. It´s a bit hard to explain - but if you hold your mouse rotate off the 2 axis for instance, and move it horizontally, it matches the axis on the screen and does not move diagonally and it corrects for curved movement… IIRC the feature is toggleable… been a while since I used it last.

The 4D mouse is rocksolid with the wacom tablet. great quality, wacom precision, 4 buttons (2LMB, 2RMB) 1 wheel and the best of it, it recognices rotation.

The 101 for buying a mouse is simply to go to the shop and trail it. It has to fit your hand. Well, or order it, trail it and send it back if you dislike it… dunnow if you got something like that, but in the EU you can send stuff back within 2 weeks if you bought it online and you didn´t like it with the reasoning that you could not trail it buying online.

Thanks for the answers, i’m asking this because i’m looking for i new mouse, i have the “microsoft natural wireless laser mouse 7000” but i don’t like this mouse anymore, now i want to try i new kind of mouse that doesn’t hurt my wirst and that i can use it for my work, i have a wacom tablet intous 4, but i can’t do everything with that, so i want to try the gaming mouse, i look the “deathadder” in the razer page and it says that is “ergonomic” so will try to buy this mouse, i don’t live in EU but i buy in the internet so i have to be sure before i buy something because i can’t return it.

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile: