use GPU Hardware for blender or CPU ?

Well i am using an octocore (8 core) laptop with 24 Gig Mem.
My laptop has a lot of horsepower, but it has a poor graphic card.
I render using the CPU, and when it does i see that each core takes a render square block.

Now i am wondered since there are so many fancy graphic cards with hardware acceleration.
How do they render do you see all fields of the render at once or 24 or 64 blocks or … ??? i am wondered.
Because as i might order some servers soon, (i build my own servers)
And their seccond (non priority job) could be to be a render farm for me.
Besides all the company stuff (as my company likes my work i create with blender).

Im thinking of a render farm as a way to speedup my render and baking times, who usualy take more then day now.

Hi, GPU render one block (tile) after another if you have only one graphic card.
Try my benchmark on your laptop to compare with several GPU (spreadsheet on last page)

For baking and fluid/smoke simulation no GPU support at this time, many render farms also does not support this.

Cheers, mib.

thanks for the info i just updated my stats to your forum thread

Thank you.

Cheers, mib.