Use linked instance in modifier


I have created a model of a sensor and saved it in a .blend file. Then I created a second .blend file and used “Link…” to link to the sensor from the first file.

I can move the sensor model around in the second file.

Now I created a new object and want to use a boolean modifier to cut out the sensor model. But the boolean modifier sees the component at its origin location instead of where i moved it to. I already tried to apply all transformations to the objects but that does not help.

Can anyone help me out? I have been searching for a solution for hours. I’m using Blender 2.81.

Reset the location of the linked object with alt + G.
Add an Empty in the same spot.
Parent the linked object and the boolean object to the Empty.
Now you can move everything around with the empty

Thank you for the quick answer. Your solution sounds logical. I did exactly as you said. But it didn’t work.

And then I tried again. I created a new file. Linked my object from the other file. Created an Empty. Created the parent link from my object to the Empty. Added a Box. Created a boolean (difference) modifier on the box. Now the cut out is at the right place on the box. I also parent the box to the Empty. But when I rotate the Empty the cut out does not move with it.

It worked. Thanks. Now I understand that the boolean object needs to be a new object that has the same shape as the linked object and that it is not the linked object itself and also not the object I wat to cut the hole in.