Use nodes to convert movies to frame sequences

Trying to ignore the quality issues with ffmpeg conversions. I just set up a Comp Node that has multiple Movie sources all sent straight to File output nodes (jpeg sequences). Rendering the animation caused perfect sequenced rendering out of both.

Perhaps Carlos would like to make a Blender proxie maker, as a node could just as easily rescale the output frames of HD to sd. I am not sure if you can assign output paths via python however?

Urgh, I just compared the original HD video to the jpeg conversion. Yuck, but ok for proxy I reckon. Another thought though, it is soooo easy to drag and drop a source in the Node window, I love that. I wish I could drag a folder in to allocate an output path too.

Doh, I just realised that the bad histogram must be a result of the jpeg compression as ffmpeg has allready interpretted the HD clip on import!

3point what exactly do you mean by “drag and drop” in the node window?

To add a movie clip, I simply drag the desired media from a folder to the node window and it is added as a movie input node. Just like texture imports or VSE strip imports. Cool huh?!

Yes, sure you can. But i didn’t have a look to nodes via scripting yet. I think proxies will work in the near future.
I’m sorry i have no time now to try this, but if you use relative paths will be a little easy to set up your nodes. In the path you write //folder/name and the new “folder” will be created in the path you save your .blend file.

and yes, drag and drop is a cool feature…

Ah, yes, I remember watching a jaw dropping video about this feature a few months back. Regretfully enough it still does not work in KDE. Neither Kubuntu 10.04 nor 10.10 seem to support it!!! :-(((
Usually, as linux users we are spoiled but this is a feature I truly regret not having.

Btw, can anyone using Kubuntu (or any other kde as a gdm-based distro) tell me if they’ve managed to get this to work?

How about just passing it through the VSE instead? I did a test from HD (1080p) to SD (720x486) and it looked great. All you need to do is load the clip in the timeline and make sure your render output settings are correct. Blender will resize automatically to fit. As for the jpgs… why don’t you use .png the quality is always better and it’s well supported open format.

Speaking of Proxies… does anyone know how this would be used in the VSE? It was in the properties options to check if it was a proxy. Now if you do this for editing do you simply uncheck for it to use the HighRes files instead?

I wanted to generate separate sequences for each clip automatically. If you use vse you make one long render