Use Nvidia GPU for Blender and Intel graphics for Explorer, Chrome,...

I wanted to know, if there’s a way to use my gtx 970 and the processor graphics simultaneously, so I can (smoothly) navigate through folders or the Internet while blender is rendering.
I though it must be possible to tell blender to use the gtx for rendering, and to display Windows Explorer and Chrome using the on-chip graphics.
Not sure if this makes sense, but I would love to use my PC for other lighter tasks while rendering. The answer might be obvious for some, but I didn’t find the right keywords to use in Google.

Hi, when I work with Windows I had a setup like this.
Nvidia driver was installed, connect display to Intel card.
I had to switch to “Integrated” from PCIe in BIOS setup, depends on Mainboard.

Cheers, mib

Ok, thanks, I will try that later.

But what exactly does this do?
I heard that it’s better to plug the display into the gpu in almost all cases. I never knew why, though.

And when switching to integrated in BIOS, does this tell all programs to use Intel graphics, except for those like blender, that specifically choose the gpu?

I switched to Onboard Graphics in the BIOS, it worked really well when testing blender with chrome, but several other programs (games for example) crashed at start. Switched back to GPU.