Use of Frr's texture node trees to create a better terrain displacement texture
I used 3 clouds textures used in a single displacement texture. In the nodes I used one to affect the size of another clouds texture to warp it and used a mix node to bring in another clouds texture with a different noise algorithm. Afterwards it went through a curve node.

The advantage of having several procedural textures combined in a single node tree and thus having just the result displace the surface of the plane is that you can have much more uniqueness and variability in displaced terrain textures. Like you can have micro and macro patterns evident and the terrain is more varied, as in the mountains are more varied in height and can even have some decent low flat areas as well.

Around 6.2 million polys displaced here for good displacement, I will lobby for Frr’s texture nodes to be committed to Blender trunk as once the bumpmapping works then the advantages will be quite apparent in the greater power you’ll have with making materials.

I have to admit I liked how it turned out, not for the realism, but for the artistic look that resulted.

So that geometry was completely based off a texture?!

That looks really, really good. I love it. :eek:

I updated the image, I took the origional .png and did a different sharpen value to make shaded areas look a little better.

So that geometry was completely based off a texture?!

Believe or not yes, Frr’s texture nodes offers far more power in creating a displacement texture than just a single procedural.

Very impressive. How did you get the background to fade to blue?

I would say he added the sun and enabled Atmosphere rendering in the lamp settings.

Actually I used the sky rendering only and used regular mist set to sqrt. Atmosphere wasn’t working the way I wanted in that it kind of washed out areas.

feels like terragen, i like it.
hopefully frrs texture nodes could be merged with farstharys volumetrics and some micropoly displacement from brecht (if he ever does something like this for durian).

feels like terragen, i like it.

Like I said, more sophisticated terrain displacement textures is very possible with the new node trees.

I’m thinking of rendering out another version with the same textures but with different noise settings.

That’s pretty impressive.
CD, it would be interesting to see how this works with the ANT Landscape script.
Using displacement to add detail & variation to existing presets would provide greater control.
Ahh, I cannot wait for Macro recording.
Instant Terragen at the push of a button.
Great job CD.

Two more terrain displacement textures

I really like how the second one of these turned out, these needing some cleaning in post-pro, but they do provide very promising results for what texture node trees can do.

Nice stuff CD. Bit of a question - are you using the combined textures in a single texture ‘slot’ with the simple ‘disp’ value or are you using the displacement modifier? Just thinking if it was the displacement modifier, one should be able to apply the displacement at level 3 or 4 and then sculpt to match their needs - rough in better valleys, cliff edges, evil genius secret lairs and such. It certainly makes for a good starting point on this sort of thing.

I use the displacement modifier because I can actually see the results before I render, I use a single texture made using the node tree, the node tree allows far more complexity in a single procedural texture channel, hence the procedurals get many times more powerful then they are now.

I haven’t had a chance to the script . . . but if the images are like what you have rendered - then I must get into asap!

Well this is all nice, but i really don’t understand how u did it. Is it done with regular blender 2.48 or do u have some developement version?

I used an SVN with Frr’s updated texture nodes patch, the texture node trees are not in 2.48a.

Here’s an example of a procedural texture node tree using Frr’s patch

That’s very interesting, I hope there will be an OSX build on graphicall soon.

IC, thanks :slight_smile:

As a 3d artist that started in Bryce4 the minimum I can say is very, very nice results.
Many thanks to the Dev to. =)

These complex terrain displacement textures wouldn’t even be possible with the texture nodes. Like I said the nodes must get into 2.50 as they will be valuable for all sorts of materials.