Use of IBM Spaceball 4000 FLX with Blender?

Hello, everyone.

I’ve just gotten started with 3D after being a techie for almost 20 years. It’s very kewl.

However, there is a downside in that I’ve started getting RSI in my wrists because of my day job (sys admin) and then going home and working with 3D.

Since I’m new to this forum and the way it’s set up, I don’t know how to do a search for a thread, yet I’m certain this is a topic which has come up.

I just bought eight IBM Spaceball 4000 FLXs recently for a very good price, and I’m wondering if there has been any development on Blender with respect to getting 3D manipulation devices such as Spaceballs.



and here
its small but there is some interest in getting a 3d connexion spaceball to work in blender
i think someone mentioned it elsewhere sarcastically, but to get the feature in blender you could try donating one to the dev team
but unless you know someone who knows how to code python to use the controller then youre pretty much out of luck and have it sitting aside looking cool

similar but not exactly spaceball

PS welcome, you chose a great time to start blender; theres all kinds of great stuff coming out