Use Of Two Sources Of Light?

I have a project with background lighting (Dynamic_1 Add-on). The lighting works perfectly for my project, EXCEPT…I don’t want it to reflect in the eyes of the 10 subjects in the scene. I would prefer to use a Point Lamp for the eye reflections.

Does that become one of those “multi-layer”, “two-render-passes” I’ve heard of, which I have no idea how to accomplish? Or, is there a solution for those of us still in a steep learning curve?

Appreciate any help!!

A simple solution would be to deavtivate glossy on your lamps, except for the one you want to use for eyes reflexions.
You can do it by unchecking “glossy” in Cycles Settings :

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Tricotou beat me to it!

The other tip is you dont have to do this one by one - you can select all the other lamps and the one you edited last then right click on the glossy checkbox and “copy to selected”.

Thanks, tricotou, for the quick reply. However, I don’t think I was clear in describing my issue?

The background, or world lighting, MUST have the glossy box checked, because it is the major source of lighting for the project. However, its reflection also causes a “blank stare” look in the eyes. I would like for this lighting source to “ignore” the eyes only. Then, I wanted to utilize a point light to provide the reflection in the eyes?

When I follow your instructions, unchecking the glossy box of the world background lighting, various objects in the scene go dark.

giacometti777, thanks, and please see my response to Tricotou. Any other ideas?

Thanks again…

Hmm - I do think then that your best option is to use render layers. And I think Tricotou understood your issue its just that the fast and easy solve is highly conditional and often won’t work.

Are you on 2.79 or 2.8? Render layers aren’t SO crazy in 2.8 but you will need to take your time to wrap your head around them by doing some test renders and comps.

Maybe someone else knows a simpler hack though?

I’m using 2.79, and will look for some tutorials on using render layers. Thanks again, giacometti777!

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On a side note, I would get 2.8 and start learning that right away. It’s far better UI and usability. Way better layering. Lot better I think. Plus it’s quite different, so you might want to just pick that up, because it’s inevitable that it will be the standard (relatively soon).

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