Use or fake lattices in game engine?

I need to use non-spherical eyes on my characters in the game engine, however I use lattices to deform the shape of the eye. Is there a way to Include this lattice in the game engine so that moving the irises around keep this cartoony effect?

you can use “Vertex Shape keys”, maybe?!

That would be a great idea when the eye surface is nearly flat, but when it’s more round, it looks rather unnatural o_x;

USE MOAR SHÆP KEYS xD, but yeah, threr isnt an intuitive way of faking a lattice in the BGE… oh oh, what about an array of bones?

I’ll give you an array of bones, ifyaknowwhatimean!

Seriously though, i agree. There’s really no efficient way for lattice…ing…

Maybe there’s a way to make your character without animating the eyes?

I have been having a hard time with too. I just now found out a way. you make the pupil seprate from the eye and apily the lattice modifier to the eye. Then you take the pupil and shrinkwrap it to the eye. in order for it to work well though you have to have both subdevided. it isn’t the best solution but its the only one I could think of.