use pose mode to change object geometry for edit mode?


I am trying to use the Pose mode to change the positions of vertices in Edit mode. I have two human body meshes, both rigged to different skeletons. In body A, the arms point straight out to the sides, and in body B the arms point down at about 45 degrees. I basically want to get the arms of body B into the A position so that I can use the Bone Weight Copy tool to copy’s A’s vertex group information to B.

If I use Pose mode on B, I can easily select the joints for each arm and then translate/rotate them so that the arm is in the proper position. However, if I then flip back to edit mode, the arm reverts to the 45 degree position. I can’t find any option in Pose mode to do what I want…the “apply current pose as restpose” seems promising, but it moves the arm geometry back down to the original position while keeping the joints in the A position.

Any ideas on how I can do this?

hm, what about ‘apply’ ing the armature modifier?

Would that be ctrl-A in Pose mode? If I do that, the bones stay in the desired position, but the geometry “bounces back” to the original position…so now the arm bones are badly offset from the arm geometry.

I did locate the “save bone pose” and “load bone pose” scripts, but I wasn’t sure how to use them…saving the bone pose in Pose mode and then loading it in Armature/Edit mode did not appear to have any effect.

Ok, I think I found what you mean by applying the armature modifier…I selected the mesh object itself and in the buttons window a “modifiers” tab showed the armature, which I could then apply…Thanks!