use scoll sideways feature?

is it possible to use the scolle sideways feature in MS mouse 3000 comfort mouse?

What do you want the sideways scroll to do?

well maybe use panning or some additional movements (i’ve just tried the comfort 3000 and i’m gonna take it back if i click the scroller and by mistake tilt elsewhere it doesn’t rotate) , in general i’m trying to find out if my basic optical mouse is best for blender, or can i use other mouse with more buttons i can configure with blender, (for example the laser 8000?) would using laser mouse fill different in blender? can i configure somehow more buttons in a complex mouse to be used in blender? or does blender only recognizes 3 buttons.

to continue my search, i was wondering isn’t it better to get a multiple mouse button and configure it’s buttons for common key strokes of blender, say for example a side button as a shift so you could move sideways with drag, with one hand.?

Shft-MMB (middle mouse button) should work with a 3 button mouse, if the scrollwheel doubles as a button. Or you can use Ctrl-Scrollwheel if it’s just a scrollwheel.