Use texture paint clone tool in UV/image editor


Is it possible to use the texture paint clone tool in the uv/image editor window instead of the 3d view?

I’m asking because in this video the artist “seems” to be sometimes painting in the uv/image editor:

If you click your brush icon, you get the different brush presets, and one should be clone

Thanks I now realized how to access the paint tools in the uv image editor (replace the menu item that says “view” with “paint”).

But I’m still having problems with the clone tool because I can’t figure out how to set the source point for the clone. Normally you just click the 3d cursor to the point from which you want to sample. But in the uv/image editor’s paint mode there doesn’t seem to be a 2d/3d cursor!

Clone works a bit different in the UV/Image Editor. Rather than cloning from a source point, you have to select an image and then you paint through it. Screenshot. It is pretty much obsolete compared to stencil textures, so I pretty much never use it.

If you aren’t familiar with stencil textures, Kent demos them in this video.

are you saying that you can’t clone from the painted image itself anymore?


You can if you load the texture you’re painting on in that spot. I don’t clone much myself, but as far as I know it’s the way Clone has always worked in the UV/Image editor. 3D view uses the 3D cursor as a source point for clone.

Do you mean that I’d have to save my image and reload it after every brush stroke, to be able to clone from it in the image editor?


EDIT: Just discovered that you can choose the painting image as image source for the brush in the UI (sich!),
the weird thing is that it put it out from its position, just a mess!

Maybe I’m biased by over 20 years of working in photoshop, but for me the last additions of stencils and overlaying in the image editor are a total mess.

Without any ingratitude for developers of course, thanks indeed …
all in all we now have a lot of tools, maybe too many; now would be the time to organize them into a more human interface.