Use the beta version or learn 2.79?

Hello guys,
im new in Blender and i just want to know what to do now, can i use the beta or is better to learn and use the 2.79?
Thank you : )

I wouldn’t hesitate to learn 2.8… That’s me tho, I’ve been using 2.8 since early alpha. In the start is was a bit problematic, and i had to juggle two versions, but nowadays I haven’t hardly touched 2.79b. Last time i did that was to use the fracture modifier branch…


Use the beta. Some third party tools don’t work in it yet, but will soon, once development slows down. 2.8 has been pretty stable for me lately and has actually made me more productive over 2.79, plus you won’t be going back. I keep a copy or 2 of 2.79 to use things like LuxCore Render, or Radeon ProRender, but that’s about it.

If you’re new, learn 2.8

go with 2.8, 2.79 will be dated in a year

2.8 beta :sunglasses: