Use the force

Hello fellow artists,

I recently started working on a blender project that takes input from the user (from the keyboard) and makes changes to a 3D scene accordingly.

For example, you could imagine a scene of nature with wind blowing and moving the grass on the ground. The user would press ‘w’ and the intensity of the wind would increase.

So far, I know how the logic blocks of the game render engine work and I know how to create a basic scene. But there does not seem to be an actuator in the game engine that allows me to change the parameters of an object. :confused:

Any tips or advice on where to start?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Well you can use bones and animation. The same you would animate a character to walk.(see video)

Otherwise, first, you would have to learn basic programming and trigonometry.
Then either use python to access the vertices or write a glsl vertexshader.