Use the parent brick, and linked blender files

I have my cars in separate blender files. I have the pick-up’s like grenade launchers in a separate file. And my map is in yet another file.

The car is in the scene first. Then the grenade launcher pickup is added to the vehicles mount point, which is an empty.Then the pickup is supposed to parent it’s self to the mount point.

My problem is with the parent brick. The place where you type the objects name will only let me add things that are in the current file. So when I append everything into my game, everything works except the parent brick. The name is always empty.
I tried linking the vehicle into the pickups file, and everything works great. When I link them into the map file though the parent brick gets broken, and the name of the mount point is missing from the parent brick.

can we disable the name checking in the logic bricks so I can hot wire in the mount point name , even if it is not in the blender file?

Could someone provide a link to a python script for the dynamic parenting.So I can study it?

Did you find any tips on what you were looking to do in the Blender wiki article on Yo-Frankie logic?

There is either nothing there , or I am missing it somehow. i will look again, thanks cyborg dragon

after some more searching I have come up wit this:


no idea what the heck to do with them though.

I wonder what superman would do in a situation like this.

superman would use his super strength to go do something else. poor brute.

…anyway, you could always use python to set the object name in real-time, as the name-checking doesn’t happen during runtime, or you could find some documentation for setParent, and see if that would do better (my guess is it will, being an all-python solution)