Use two mice at a time?

is there any way to use 2 usb mice at the same time, and get the data into blender?

I need movement and wheel motion of two mice at the same time as input devices

I do not quite understand what your saying?Show me a picture of what your trying to achieve.I may understand it better.

I found this but don’t understand how to implement it

This is impossible unless you want to write your own drivers.

Like control two hands,

Right mouse = right hand,

Left mouse = left hand,

Left mouse + left click = control foot
left mouse + middle = control head

so you can animate/control a rig with more then 1 mouse, or play a game with two cursors.

Would the feature be hard for someone to implement who knew the bge source?

I don’t really understand enough to do it,

As far as I know you can have two mouse cursors with Linux.

Windows does not support this. You can have a s many mouse devices as you want, but all control the same mouse cursor. But I guess this will be implemented differently. I was interested in this too. But all I found was an outdated mouse driver that never worked.
Such support might come with multi-touch input.

Beside of that, I think Blender and the BGE are not designed to cope with multiple mouse cursors.

You might want to look into multiple joysticks This is something that works out-of-the-box.


Can you make a usb port accept mouse input as a joystick?

ppjoy seems to allow for a “custom joystick” but it does not say anything about mapping a mouse to a “gamepad”


found this, so I can get the two mice input streams into windows, but now how to do it in the BGE ?

never mind, they appear to have no files available…

Ok, I can get windows for sure to accept the two mice inputs, and track them seperatly, now I need help pinning that into the BGE,

the input can just be a offset per frame.

I don’t need a second cursor just the “movement”

If this project is designed for the community then you’re narrowing your audience a fair bit to the ones willing to install that SDK that also have two mice.

That part of the code needs to go into the Blender source code first. Right now there is no option in the logic bricks to select more than one mouse. Maybe a mouse + joystick. I think you can have multiple joysticks labeled with an index. You could borrow the code from the joystick and apply it to the mouse. Check out the Blender source code.

it’s not required for the game, I was thinking about using it to record animation sequences for rendering…

almost like euphoria, but different :smiley: