Use your blender skills for the advancement of science!

Hello all,

I’ve had so much useful advice from the blender community that I guess there might even be someone out there willing to go the extra mile and actually do a bit of Blender work for me. I’m a psychologist using Blender to display stimuli to test subjects. I’ve gone a long way working on the hand model, but it’s reached the point where I need to do some things that take skill as well as knowledge. For example, I need the skinning on an armature subtly improved to reduce pinching etc.

I reckon that it would take me days to do but someone who knows what they are doing could do it in about half an hour. Besides the skinning I need some axes spinning around to make fingers bend in the right direction, and the colour/texture/whatever improved to make it look a little better in the game engine.

By the way Rob if you read this, I almost asked you but you helped me so much already I thought I’d try and spread the load a bit as it were.

If anyone wants to know what sort of science we do, look at . We sometimes work on developmental disorders, so if you help me you might even indirectly be helping sick children. And I’d be very grateful!

For more details email me, and I can send you the blend file. My address is on the webpage in my sig.