Use your FIST and not your MOUTH

Not perfect but I had a great time making it.

it’s the other way around, smartass…

Love the song.
Hate the work.

the first one from google …
… should be good enough for you, young artist.

That’s the point of this piece sir.

Details please, I appreciate constructive criticism more than ‘I hate this’.

This piece is supposed to be a spoof of all those posters you see around elementary school instructing kids to tell a teacher or an adult, as opposed to learning to deal with problems by themselves, essentially raising a crop of wussies who have no idea how to fend for themselves. Learning to hit back, from all my experiences, sends a better message than telling someone to stop, which, from all the evidence I have seen, does not work at all.

Right. This is working real well.

angst sir ;(! i’ve never been beaten up for fighting back!

That just means you’ve been lucky, not smart.

This is officially the dumbest and most pointless thing I have ever seen. The only way I can pardon this is to assume you are about 12. There, that makes these seem great! Keep up the immature pointless doodling. Maybe one day you will grow up. Good luck little Fuzz Master. Make mommy and daddy real proud!

I don’t get all the anger, here. I actually found it pretty humorous. And it kinda has a point.

In the long run, sometimes it’s easier to forgive a punch than a slander.

That is beautiful irony.