used 3d animation software?

hello…does anyone know of a website that i can go to (that is…a LEGAL website…) that sells used 3d animation software other than ebay?

err, i don’t think its actually very legal, if at all to sell most USED commercial applications. :frowning: EULA’s S**k

I find used software to be no good, usually it has scratches on the paintwork, you don’t know who’s been driving it or how many miles its done, the tires need retreading, the clutch slips, the warranty has run out, 700000 people have the key & half the time it’s either outdated & worn out or stolen with the engine numbers changed.

Never buy used software. They are already licenced some one else. Some has Dongle attached and you have to buy old systems along with OLD software. Try Blender New Version.

Buying used software sounds like very stupid idea. I would never do that. If you want to spend money, go and buy basic version of new XSI or Cinema for $500. These two are the best value for money.

It is possible to buy used software, you have to contact the software company and request a transfer of the license though. The EULA allows for this if the company gives their permission, but ask them first before you shell out any money. Also the seller has to delete the program from their machine (obviously).

For example, Maxon allows the transfer of licenses of Cinema4D.

I sold a copy of 3dmax used ages ago - I never registered it though - and have not used 3dmax since then.

Go to an illegal site and download it there :evilgrin:.