Used Blender for a few days and this happend

Every time I change the multiresolution resolution, weather it’s preview, sculpt or render. As well as every time I save the file.:mad:

And it’s a palm without fingers by the way.

You must have done something at higher Multiresolution setting. You can try to recover auto saved file or restart multiresolution.

restart multiresolution? What’s that?

Delete the modifier and start again. Yes, it’s not really a solution.

OK, I’ll do that, but how can I keep this from happening, seems like a lot of wasted time sculpting again if this keeps happening.

Do not go down subdivision levels. If you really must, apply base first. Do not, ever, apply base on anything but the highest subdivision level.

OK, thanks, I won’t go down sub levels ever again, though it’s gonna be hard for my hardware.