Used C++

Can I use C + + to create plug-ins (exporters in my format)?
I would not want to learn python to do … Only if there is no other choice.


Right now it is not possible to write exporter plugins in C/C++ but I’ve read that brecht van lommel is working on improving the exporter api for render engines. This includes being able to export scene data via C/C++ as that’s obviously way faster (a few seconds vs. several minutes for poly meshes over a million polys or huge particle systems).
Nevertheless i recommend learning python as it’s widely used and has a pretty simple syntax and if you’re familiar with C++ i’ll promise you you’re able to catch up with python in about a few days at most.

Thank you very much, frigge! Good news.
Well, time to get python now! :slight_smile: (But I will wait to provide api for c++)