Useful Alternative Mouse Key Bindings

Hi, this is my first post here so let me know if its in the wrong place.

Im new to blender and just wanted to share with you people how l have set up my mouse config and start a general discussion about user interface and navigation.

I use my mouse in the 3D view as follows

LMB - to select
MMB - to pan
MMB Scroll Wheel - to zoom in and out
RMB - Orbit/rotation

and Shift + RMB to place the 3D cursor.

Using this set up means that you can do far more in the 3D view with just the mouse and not having to use combos. Its actually really easy and much quicker to do things.

Because i haven’t been using blender that long l wondered if anyone else uses this mouse setup and if they have run into any issues with the key bindings. What do you lot use to save time? I also have a separate number pad to the right of where my mouse sits on the desk so l can quickly hit digits and jump to different views.

Anyways hope this helps someone as l have found it very useful. My brain has never got over the RMB to select!