Useful Facilities? Assuming - unlike me - You actually finish a project

Being my first post :spin: I’m slightly apprehensive about posting THIS because of its arguable relevance, but I stumbled across (I say stumbled because (I daresay the Hyphen plays a role in this) it isn’t a very prominent result in any search).

It seems to be a well-made website which could be useful for publishing any finished games; I for one wouldn’t object to having my games posted there (not that I have any more than small arcade games and the good half of 16 Gigabits (see what I did there?) worth of “Demo Levels”) :o

Even if you have your own Domain it would still serve well to even futher advertise your game(s) existance(s)… :yes:

Yes, this place was mentioned earlier…

Welcome to the forum, man! Glad to have you here!

I love the intelligent humor… :smiley:

ha, thanks, been away for a while, I wish I could say I had something to show for all these weeks but alas! I’d be lying… :frowning: