Useful file?

I didn’t know where to put this post so forgive me if its in the wrong spot.

I want to put blend files with game props on my website. when I save it there is the blend file and another file underneath it. Is this needed? Some props have uv textures on them. would this be what the files are needed for?

O. and one more question. If I just pack the file would this still give the person full access to the model?:spin:

I’m not sure that I understand you correctly but - if what you’re seeing is ( for example ) sword.blend, then underneath it sword.blend1, sword.blend2, etc - what you are seeing is saved versions of your work. Blender automatically saves versions everytime you save your work - this can be controlled under the ‘autosave’ button in the hidden menu through the ‘save versions’ control.

I’m not too knowledgeable about packed files - but so far as I know as long as the file is opened in blender (as a .blend file would have to be) the file can be read in it’s entirety. Blender routinely packs files on it’s own - that’s what the little green box next to your files represents. If you click on “open” rather than “open recent” you should notice these. If the user does happen to have a problem reading the file all you need to do is click on “unpack into files” which is found underneath the pack option.

Hope this helps

thanks. this does help.:smiley:

please, create a new thread, with a meaningful name in the “Game Engine Resources” forum, please!