Useful firefox bookmark.

Paste it into the location area of a new bookmark. It gives a popup box where you enter a word and press enter, it then takes you take a page with the “google define:” of that word.

Written by moi :smiley: it’s a bit hackish, as I don’t really know javascript, but wanted the bookmark :smiley:


you evil java scripter!

heh, just kidding…that’s handy, very nice work. adblock doesn’t seem to like it much though, unless it’s used while viewing a page where java script has been allowed previously. i guess a workaround for that would be to allow about:blank through adblock and only use it on a fresh new tab. i noticed if cancel is clicked, it defines the word “null”, i though that was kinda funny. anyway, thank you, i’ll be using this alot.

But wouldnt it be easier to just type “define:word” in the search field thats already link to google; next to the address bar?

thats what i do… but nice script anyway :wink: