Useful free program TexRipper


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When you install an air program like this, is it possible to limit access to my system’s settings? (mac)
It looks like a good tool, and I can’t imagine why it might access my system.

I am using Windows so I can not answer :frowning:

isn’t AIR the same on Mac or Windows?

I watched several of the youtube video related to this program and it’s simply amazing how usefull this can be, like in this case by example :

I was wondering why this required to install Adobe AIR, and found :

Without the Adobe AIR environment I can’t copy Bitmaps to or from the clipboard- thats why I am going with this whole Adobe AIR thing.

From what i read this program do not have a “load” or “open” texture, it only paste into itself a picture you “copied” in your clipboard.
What a very strange way to work, i wish it would have classic load/open picture function instead of that thing that required “Adobe AIR”.

I assumed Air was just for cross platform. It might be decent platform, but I’m always wary of that “allow full access” bit. I don’t see why that isn’t more granular.