Useful Radar Map

hey blenderartists this is simple Radar map made using just python and node editor :slight_smile: this shows enemy and player position on screen by using overlay screen.

radar.blend (114 KB)

I like it. Nice work.

Can you make it center on the player, and only paint objects in X range

Maybe collect a list of all enemies(as they are added to the field?), and iterate through them every 30 frames?

Red for below blue for above, yellow for on same plane?]

if they die remove them from the list?

I would like to use this in wrectified, :smiley:

@BPR Very possible. Based on some of your other posts, I bet you could pull it off. I might even try doing that myself.

Thanks Jsewill and BluePrintRandom :slight_smile:
You can add more Enemy blips in map by adding enemy property to object, for player add player property to object, for custom blip you have to modify radar map script and add custom object of blip , if object is destroyed the blip will also get removed as it is adding in every frame