Useful reference for face modelling and edge loops link..

This is a link to a forum post/thread I found but most of the images were dead links.

Someone has re-posted those images again and I have found them useful by just looking at the different ways in which people model faces/heads.

It’s certainly helped me by just looking at them to see how they have avoided some of the messes I am getting into with face/head modelling and I hope someone else finds it useful too:


Very awesome collection of wires! Even the famous Torq “A Better Face” tutorial is there(One of my favorites). I am grabbing those pics, for me it is a must have because I need all the help I can get. There are quite a few people here who’s work I admire and wish they made a tutorial.

I have started with the better face tutorial but found that when I need to add detail in certain areas, I end up adding a whole new face loop around the head. Makes it hard to add detail in one area before I come back to another to work on.

This image has shown me one technique to add detail without adding too many loops (look at the nose going up into the head and the corner of the mouth going into the cheek area).

I’m not on a crusade to reduce poly’s but I’d like to detail one area without having to create an edge loop all around the entire head if it’s not necessary.