Useful Tutorials

Just love how helpful everyone on blender is, heres how i learnt most of what i know.
im planning to donate once i got a proper job, u guys deserve it.
Theres are tutorials, which are well organised and numbered,
i like learning different methods from different people so there all worth a watch.
if u got any good tutorials i havnt posted plz post them so i can update this page.

A Special thanks to Blender Artists Forum,
Everyone that helps by answering some questions
and everyone who has taken the time to make these tutorials

Official Blender Manual (useful but not indepth enough)

Super3Boy’s Tutorials (Tut Series)

tp8000cfv (Tut Series)

CJ34Z (Face Modelling)

1taken (3D Disneyland)

ward7299 (Tut Series)

jbeckneisdnet (Tut Series)

StevenBlender (Tut Series)

bitsofblender (Tut Series)

Hamsterhill’s (Tut Series)

Please comment and add your own tutorials or ones you have used

Link - How to make ur own tutorials

cool, a tutorial on how to make a tutorial. :slight_smile:

cganim8or’s yotube video tutorials may also be interesting: .

cheers koontz, ill give them a watch when i got a lil more free time.

Hi friend, I am also very eager to learn new things. Thanks for sharing the site url of the tutorial which helps me to learn some new things. Thankyou dude.

thank you so much for these valuable sharing. admirable work thank you