Usefull info on the wave effect, anyone?

(rwenzlaff) #1

Does anyone know the units of the wave settings (speed, height, width…)

The only way to tell if my wave looks OK is to render a few seconds of it. This is chewing up my time. Change 1 setting, render for 20 minutes, curse, repeat. (I spent 1/2 a day to build the scene, and 1.5 days trying to get the waves on the water looking right.)

The manual just says: “Speed - The speed of the wave. Can also be negative.”

Hardly usefull information.

Bob Wenzlaff

(djfuego) #2

When using the wave effects I always start with the wave object 1st. I then get the effect I’m looking for then Import the object into my scene. Simple. Many a time does the Alt + A combo come into an animation test.
Don’t waste time rendering.
I only have a 1ghz but it’s fine for blending.

(rwenzlaff) #3

Your method would work if I were only interested ti the object itself waving.
But I’m looking for water lapping on the shore so I need both those objects. With that many faces, Alt-A runs just over 1 frame per second and I can’t judge the speed to see if it’s realistic.


(RipSting) #4

Check out my water script. You can find it here:

Basically I have 3 different types of pre-defined waves, and you can modify them by relocating/resizing an empty.

Next I’ll be looking at how the mesh is vertex painted to control the size of the waves (So that waves can be smaller as they approach the shore)