Useless Add-on: "Music Player"

Merry Christmas everyone!

I make this 100% useless add-on for Blender, it’s doing nothing for the work, only enjoying the worker :smiley:

I got a lot to do until complete, but I wanted to offer you this usable pre-realize for Christmas :wink:


  • playlist management (show items, remove items, change index)
  • loop for single/playlist
  • multiple files import
  • skipping
  • save playlist
  • import/export .pls
  • duration estimation

Haha this one is great!

Can I suggest creating a playlist that recognises the tempo of tracks then plays the one that matches the artists clicking speed? :wink:

hi, Eddy, Merry Cristmas to you and to all the others in the community!
great script but it doesnt work on win 32 !
first, it can import only one mp3 file, when i try to import more it gives me an error…
second, when i try to import .m3u, aka playlist it doesnt import it… can you work these out? other than that its very great, I like it very much and will want to use it, for sure… and some new functions like “repeat one song” and “shuffle” would be very great, for sure… and… can you do the “play\pause” option in one button toggle? and a time slider like the one for volume, but instead… for time in the song… and a falling menu with the songs in the playlist - just like the shapekeys interface, so you can select manually a song from the playlist and play it this way it will be fully featured! thank you very much!

Hi spirit,
strange that not work on win 32,

first, it can import only one mp3 file, when i try to import more it gives me an error…
import just append the file path in a list, I really don’t see why the append work only one time on your computer, I need the message error to understand. Same for m3u.

can you do the “play\pause” option in one button toggle?
yeah I should
for the timeline, I got to code a duration estimation first
and I add loop for single/playlist in the TODOs (an easy one)
Thank you for your suggests

I have a linux 64bits sys and a 32bits, try the script on them and it works fine, but it’s hard to know on windows and osx (on an other forum, someone try on OSX and it seems to don’t work, but another error too) so harder to fix

@3pointEdit lol it remember me something

great adds on, thank :smiley:

ok, here is the error report: strangely for me(maybe not for you), but in both cases it gives me the same error message - if i import sound(more than one song) or if I import m3u… here is the message:

traceback call last: “your” line 57, in execute window_manager.f)
aud.error:AUD_FileFactory:File could not be read
location:<unknown location>:-1

im not sure of the syntax, but I think this should hep you… if you need more info, bee free to ask… thenks, peace!
Last version from github

je je je je… good job

Cool! Nikitron!

Just wanted to thank you for this super handy addon :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi where is the import .m3u function to the latest version?, i cannot find it :-s

It is there in sound.import_m3u but is it not given a panel button. I tried uncommenting lines 477 and 478 where the operator shows up, and it doesn’t work. Probably why it was commented out.

Hi back i’vgot this traceback

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/mbur07/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.78/scripts/addons/”, line 195, in execute
bpy.types.WindowManager.mp_playsound =,3))
aud.error: AUD_FileFactory: File couldn’t be read.

location: <unknown location>:-1

@Craig Jones ok i found theses lines, but i can’t understand python :-s

What a cool & crazy idea! :wink:

Any chance to see it back on 2.8?