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Hi. I just recently started working with Blender and got the official Blender 2.0 guide. My goal for using this program is to make a 3d movie based in the Star Trek universe. I don’t really have the desire or time to make my own ships so I have a question. I am finding the book very well, shall we say boring. So in regard to what I want to do with the program how much of the stuff in the book can I skip or do I need it at all? Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

In regard to your project nothing in the book is valuable to you.
You can start right away with no problem.
Chapters dealing with new modelling tools would have been useful if you needed modelling but you won’t.
Another one you’d be better without is the one tackling with the boring subject of the world setting.
There is also particules but unless you want to simulate spaceship reactors they’r of no use.
I would have suggested you read the animation chapter but it is so boring that you won’t find anything interesting in it!
There is a big part of the manual that deals with texturing but spaceship don’t need texturing and furthemore UV texturing so no need to waste your time on this.
The only I cas see will be really useful to you is the chapter about Python integration and how to setup a CVS checkout.
When you’ll be close to finishing your film you’ll want to have those! :wink:
that’s about it, good luck with your project!

= Read the book, or search for modelling tutorials. I have read no book, I just checked out some tutorials, and Im quite fine with blender (after 5 years ;). You know, if the book is reaALLY so bbbooorrriing, then well, i guess you’re doomed. Get help man! BWAARGH.

Or try new Ed Lemon light, stay smart, get Ed. All Righty then. Or come to blenderchat. But seriously, give a shot at the modelling part, after all, it’s blender you use, not the book.

:Z Viva las biker mice from mars


1- Read the book from front to back and worship each page daily
2- Model your own stuff… it looks better trust me
3- good luck man

About the blender guide, I don’t have good advice either way. But I CAN tell you that there are one or two really good sites on the net that stock a bunch of spaceship-models that are based on the Star-Trek ships. The real bargain is they’re free, all the authors want is recognition.

you can always just skip the modeling part and get strait to the point here:

many star trek ships in a .blend file are here :slight_smile:

I am finding the book very well, shall we say boring.

LOL! What exciting software manuals are you using as a basis for comparison?

Seriously, its not the kind of book you read cover to cover while on the edge of your seat. Its a reference manual, use it when you get stuck. Play around with Blender and have fun with it!

jlsb: exactly my style. You rule :slight_smile:

hey, i found it exciting, and i was on the edge of my seat. No, seriously, this seat is missing a leg )-: but it is a VERY interesting read.

Redcloud - If you don’t find it interesting, might i suggest that you are not really a true 3D-er anyway? If however by “boring” you mean “hard”, might I suggest the castle tutorial (google: castle tute blender) or maybe the yellow sphere with interesting lighting approach - just add some stuff, find a tute for how to move it, scale it, rotate it, texture it, move it etc, then move on to doing the same thing, except with the excellent free models that are availible for trek, wars, and stars.
That is all. Good day.

Chapter 18 has a section that gives a brief overview of the MakeShrek and MakeFindingNemo buttons. I think that Ton is planning to add a MakeStarTrekMovie button in the 2.33 release. GL!


THat was a secret :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. Perhaps I’m not a true 3d-er as you might say but considering I’m doing all this from school and on an apple can you blame me? Well, I guess I’m going to delve back in. Cya.

redcloud: that’s the spirit! :wink:
Technical litterature is only an aid but it can make the difference when youre stuck in your project. Beside given the choice, I’m quite sure you’d prefer learning Blender in 4 months instead of 5 years :smiley:
The other interesting thing about the book is that it is going to allows you to understand other blenderheads who are going to help you in the future. In order to profit from their words you need at least to understand what they will be talking about: In that aspect the book synchronizes blender users allowing new users to quicly get up to date with the software.
Good reading and don’t give up on your project!
intrr:After Stefano and other contributors’ work, finding the book “boring” was a strange piece of information I wasn’t ready for :wink:
At least redcloud doesn’t need to finish a 10 min animation in 2 weeks with no idea and a 3D package to learn in the process :o (It’s amazing what you can read on CGTalk)
harkyman: May I ask what build is it?
I only have a build that generate an entire scene if you hold your mouse and concentrate and another one that criticise your work in WIP stage. The button “ConstrCrit” is in the Render Menu :wink:
Falgor:Was that subliminal advertising? :o It’s the first time I see an endorsed post :smiley:

apple can you blame me?

Thats the spirit! Blame the tool, not the artist!! %|

FYI, Pixar uses only Macs now. What the hell do they know about computer graphics.

Hell yes, I’ve always found modeling in Blender to be useless… I mean , comeon, you can only create cubes and spheres and tubes with it. Who needs all those stubip cubes anyway.

I’m gonna DL 3Dmax. I would figure a program of that status would have CreateModelsFromArtistMind Button.

What you need to do is go to your local DVD store and ask for any of the ‘Star Trek’ DVDs and thats it, no more wories :smiley:


Not to start a flame war or anything, but what the heck is wrong with Macs? They do run Blender too after all…

Apples suck man. I sit there and Im like ok right click, wait, no right click. what the heck? I’m just a PC person.

Apples suck man. I sit there and Im like ok right click, wait, no right click. WTF? I’m just a PC person.

One button mouse does suck, no question there. OS X supports a two-button mouse, so just ask your prof to give you any USB two button mouse. Or just bring in your own from home.

In any event, if you can’t work Blender on a Mac, you’re not going to be able to work it on any platform so you might as well use what you got.

BTW, are you taking a 3D class with a one button mouse? :o If so, your teacher is clueless, get your money back!!


Go check out ; you could probably get a 3 button mouse for under $5!

I’m not paying for anything this is public school not college. I didn’t know Mac OS X supported a 2 button mouse I have to try that. Thanks.