useless snapping tool demo video

is it just me or does anyone else having trouble playing back the demos for the new snapping tools in 2.47?

I’m trying to play them in the VLC player but there is no sound and the video is spilt in two and skewed to the right. I’d post a picture to show you but it seems i’m not allowed to post pictures anymore :confused:

This tool should be really useful for the project i’m working on at the moment so it’s a bit frustrating not being able to see a useful working demo of it action.

I would have been surprised if there were any sound, since it’s just a screen grab with no audio. :slight_smile:

I’m a little surprised vlc won’t play them correctly since those are straight theora encodings. (They play fine in vlc 0.9 here).

Tries these, they might play better (files are bigger and quality is a bit worse though)


hey martin

thanks for your reply, but even your linked videos didn’t want to playback correctly. I tried downloading the latest version of VLC, which happens to be 0.8.6i for my powerpc mac, but that made no difference either.

maybe it’s me making a mistake somewhere. I’m not use to using VLC much, so perhaps i have the settings wrong somewhere.

strange :spin:

Why not use the
its a nice free player thats using the Mplayer for playing videos. im using it myself and have no problems.

that looks like a good player, only it doesn’t appear to have a download for macs.

doesn’t anybody else have trouble playing back these demos of the new snapping tools in vlc?

If you install the Xiph Quicktime components, you should be able to play the ogg/theora files in Quicktime.


think it’s a bug with mac vlc, 'cause I see it too. Definitely a bug (the play/pause icon is distorted along with the video).

actually the first time a video didn’t play properly with vlc… congratulations :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks martin! that Xiph plugin did the trick for quicktime. now i understand the offset snapping technique :slight_smile: