user defaults

Is it just me or has anyone else experienced this problem with Blender 2.34. I was using blender 2.33 and had all my user defaults and themes saved. Normally, when I download a new version of blender and install it, my themes and user defaults were transferred and nothing was lost. Not so with 2.34. It’s not much of a hassle to re-make my defaults, but I’m just wondering if anyone else here had this problem besides me and if we will have this problem with all new blender releases.

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I think older versions stored that kind of data in the application data directory, while 2.34 suggests to store it in the installation directory (although you have the option). So you just have to copy the relevant files I guess.

Yea, i was going to start changing my setup to the way i had 2.33. First thing was to make a 4-Window setup, but after checking I found that they put one in already. That is cool. The only thing left is to make my UV mapping window setup.


One more thing. When I went to download blender it didn’t give me a USA option to download. Strange… I had to download it with the EU option. :-?

maybe there werent an option, but now there’s a USA download section :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter, it’s all the same.