user defined hotkeys in 2.5 and presets

How is this progressing? I have the latest 2.5 but there doesnt seem to be any menu to change hotkeys. Is this going to be ready for 2.5? What about having some presets like maya, max, xsi like modo and motion builder have for example?

I am sure that there will be a way to change the hotkeys by the time 2.5 is released. The framework is in place and all that needs to be done UI consideration. As for the preset keymaps, I doubt they will be around at the release of 2.50, but you are welcome to make your own to be included (or available) when 2.52 comes out or something.

thanks. I could make presets for maya and cinema 4d for sure.

check the last page of the ‘Blender 2.5 development updates’ thread. there’s a build on graphicall that will let you do this [apparently]

It doesn’t let you save though (yet). You can only play with it for now :slight_smile:

if a good number hotkeys change from the current defaults (I don’t think they will) it would be helpful to have a “classic” preset with all the current hotkeys in there.