User Interface icon size in 2.6 Blender!!! It's hard too see! Too small!

Please help I cannot find how to make icons and text larger in in Blender 2.6. Thanks in advance!

For the icons i don’t know, but for the texts+buttons, 2 possibilities , you can even mix both to see how it goes :

1- File -> User Preferences -> System , increase the “DPI” value

2- Move your mouse cursor on the panels on which you want the text to be bigger, hold CTRL and then press the middle mouse button while moving your mouse left or right.

I’d like to throw a ‘thank you’ in here as well. The DPI thing works great; the Ctrl-MMB doesn’t work on everything, though. The outliner didn’t want to change.

Sanctuary, you’re awesome! :slight_smile:
This is truly amazing software and only less than 100MB!!! I want to see if it will work w/ Autodesk Inventor’s models. Thanks a lot.

i think for text in GUI you can also do Ctrl + keypad
but it takes a few seconds before changing text size !