User Interface Scripting Issue Rigify Muultiple rigs appended

So I have created two characters in two separate blender documents. I used rigify to create a rig for both of them. I then appended both characters into the same blender document. The first character appended worked properly.
What Worked Picture
The user interface for rigify was complete with all of the animation tools built into rigify. Then I appended the second character.
What Didn’t Work Picture
The user interface script didn’t work properly as the controls for the tools built into rigify were missing. How do I bring in multiple characters and have each of them have their user interface intact? There is a script that was appended with each character. It seems the script runs once for the first character, then on the second append the script can’t handle a second rig. How can I solve this problem? How do I contact the people who make rigify if this an issue with the script and not my use of it?

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Did you name your rigs differently in the advanced section under generate before generating the rigs? Sometimes the scripts are trying to use the same names and that dorks it up. Just regenerate one of them with a different name than rig.